Enterprising Tool to Reverse Engineer .NET assemblies into High Level Language 

Skater .NET obfuscator since ver5.0 is armed with .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface. This is a powerful tool to reverse engineer IL code into a high-level human-readable language (C#/VB). In addition to the support for a choice of programming languages and the latest .NET 4.0 innovations, it offers unique processing of metadata, transformation from XML and XAML (baml) files, and a lot of other features. Their synchronous forces are resulting in astonishingly accurate decompilation.

RustemSoft announces the release of Skater .NET obfuscator that equipped with the assembly browser and decompiling interface, a powerful tool for MSIL reverse engineering. While automating many steps of the decompilation process, it accommodates the user with a means to brows raw code before it is processed at a higher level. The decompiler interface makes the job of your source code reverse engineering as comfy and effective as possible.

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While working on PE source code it is often helpful to disassemble the code and check individual instructions. Visual Studio provides a standard tool which goes to some extent with the job. But in most cases it is not enough. Skaterís assembly browsing interface makes the next step in the code analysis and decompiles assemblies to help the user verify the code, find bugs and vulnerabilities, or just study algorithms to ensure the application interoperability.

Relying for some part on the self-describing nature of .NET Portable Executable, the program improves their metadata with local variables and runs a series of code transformations and simplifications. With an unbelievable speed of over 5000 methods per second it translates the binary code into a high level language very close to the original source code. Besides the optimization of the code itself the .NET assembly browser offers several options to optimize the view. It can expand abbreviated names into full namespaces, provides Unicode Chars, Type Detail, Single Statement Brace and other options.

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Moreover, .NET assembly browser and decompiler Skaterís interface offers a set of methods to help you with the code analysis. The interface lets you easily navigate through assembly classes. Expandable nodes on the project tree help access each class member. The interface ensures fast browsing and navigation.

.NET assembly browser and decompiler Skater interface has the following features:

Supports C# and Visual Basic

Supports .NET framework 4.0 and earlier

Convenient assembly browsing

Customizable code presentation

Skater decompiler and assembly browser interface is quick and easy to use. In the event you lost your source code or something even worse you can feel safe knowing that it could be recovered almost 100% with a decompiling tool like this.