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NET Licenser API assembly contains the methods your devotion will could do with to contact the license server or how to administer non-internet based licensing scenarios. The common tackle with .NET Licenser is to use the API assembly (which uses web advantage to communicate by the license server) within the assembly you be looking for licensed. You will position .NET Licenser C#/VB.NET source code samples to contact code in your assemblies to handle the license legalization and execution tasks anyhow you like. Anywhere applicable, your app can validate the license in opposition to this web-service external license documentation. It will make certain that the licensed function can be used on this machine.When your code decides to facilitate it is time to induct a license, your code creates a record on web-service database exterior from your assemblies with the intention of are tied to facilitate specific machine/server. For this reason, the licensed software may be installed and employed solely on the registered hardware..NET Licenser allows you to make a secure cryptographically encrypted license key as soon as your application has been registered/purchased on-line. Therefore you can provide consumer with the Registration ID key by transport e-mail.
.NET Licenser is an exact software licensing tool for .NET developers who would comparable to:
Protect software products since getting pirated
Looking for unproblematic real-time license management
Need effective and plain software activation
.NET Licenser API assembly generates software licenses that are adjoin to hardware. That process, licenses are activated persistently for given computers or work stations.

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