Skater .NET obfuscator code protection tool server

   Published: 17 Feb 2023
As the Skaters harvest, the transformed fragments are re-assembled and obfuscated with the designated obfuscation criteria.
Control Flow obfuscation discourages opposite engineering and malicious tampering of software codes by applying insincere conditional statements and other disingenuous constructs in calm to confuse and rupture decompilers. Given the novel source codes and desired obfuscation criteria, the planned Control Flow obfuscation works by rotten the source codes into fragments and subsequently applying various transforms to the code fragments. Moreover, while only Control Flows are obfuscated in the midst of a sequence of transformations with the purpose of produce opposite number results of the previous fragments, the final crop can still uphold the same execution fallout as the original codes.

The Skater's extraordinary Linker interface is the utility to can link compound modules into a unmarried file for employment. The Linker interface intended for concerning multiple managed executables or assemblies hooked on a single module or assembly. Or you may hint secure the joint libraries after Linkage.
Usually, if all the functionality of your circulated application is not essential at once, you force want to ponder having the application not speaking into part modules or libraries. Also, you do not obtain to worry regarding missing dlls at what time your application is deployed.NOTE: The coupled assemblies will not be obfuscated. The .NET runtime determination load all component barely when a type is referenced.
On the subsequent hand, packaging the whole thing into a separate file willpower bring recital improvements, mostly for the reason that the loader does not have to assume the time to resolve all the enslavement issues. Please disguise the joined modules by Linkage. The assigned referenced and non-referenced assemblies will be allied into your finishing obfuscated assembly afterwards whilst obfuscation is done for your existing open assembly. It does the linkage subsequentlys your main assembly has been obfuscated.