Skater .NET obfuscator code protection tool RustemSoft

   Published: 26 Feb 2023
Hard work vulnerabilities, Intellectual Property theft and revenue hurt are among the nearly all serious take a chances facing companies today.
According to Corporation Software Alliance statistics, four out of all ten software programs is pirated in software business, humanity wide.

It makes assembly code quash engineering a good deal harder by obfuscating names. If you are sure approximately of public members are not to be accessed since outside, you may would like to obfuscate them.
For exe executables you may take into account the assemblies to be self-contained, and set obfuscation of all possible names precise aggressively, counting Public Members.Some Skater settings let to generated names that desire prevent recompilation.
Public members in dll libraries are on purpose reserved starting obfuscation because they are projected to be used in outer assembly code. Private and Public members names obfuscation scrambles names of classes, methods, variables, and extra assembly members.